Oil Changes Are Not All The Same

Oil Changes Are Not All The Same

There’s a lot of uncertainty and mystery around oil changes. There’s always that one guy that swears “I never change my oil and my car’s fine!” or the other lady that “always goes to the dealer because they have ‘special’ oil just for my car!” Let’s not forget the other diehard who “always changes their oil in their driveway because you can’t trust those mechanics!” No matter what group you fall into, or which group you may know, let’s start to demystify oil changes, and what they do and don’t do for your vehicle.

You never have to change your oil

This one is most certainly incorrect. Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It keeps all the moving parts lubricated and meshing smoothly in your engine. Without oil, the parts of your engine would grind and seize on each other and stop moving all together. Now let’s move onto dirty oil, or oil that’s been in your engine since you first got your vehicle (I’m looking at you guy #1!) As the parts in your engine move, they mesh, rub and slide against each other. The oil in your vehicle makes it so these parts can move freely with one another, with minimal friction. Oil does a really good job of this, but the parts still have some friction between them and as such, small particulate can deposit in the oil over time. As the particulate accumulates in the oil, and the more you drive your vehicle, the oil looses its effectiveness, both from the accumulating particulate and because the oil is just breaking down from the other compounds that are not filtered, such as acid and condensation. Acid is another component of oil and that will break down the main oil compounds over time. Condensation can build up in the engine in colder temperatures or damp days, and while most of it gets burned off, some moisture can still seep into the oil. This is why regular oil changes are essential because it helps keep your engine components lubricated and minimizes the amount of particulate recirculating around the key engine, which means, your engine runs smoother, and your vehicle lasts longer.

The Dealer “Special Oil”

As much as we may like to believe that our favourite car manufacturer has that Ace up their sleeve that sets their service above everyone else, when it comes to oil, that’s not quite the case. The truth is, there is no special manufacturer only oil. I know what you’re thinking, “…but what about that special packaging! It has my manufacturer’s logo on it and they told me at the dealer it was just for my car!” While not all oils are made the same, car manufacturers don’t produce their own oil. With that said, at Eurotech Import Auto, we use Liqui Moly synthetic oil in the majority of European imports. Imported straight from Germany, this synthetic oil helps us maintain a wide variety of customer’s European imports, not manufacturer dependent. So while the dealer may say they’ve got “the good stuff,” so do we!

So when should you change your oil?

There are many different opinions and ideas about when you should be changing your oil. Some people say every 25,000km, others say every 15,000km. At Eurotech we suggest changing the oil every 5,000 km or every 3 months, whichever comes first. This helps your engine run smooth, as well as decrease the wear and tear on all core engine components.

At Eurotech, when you bring your vehicle for an oil change we also:

  • Check the tire pressure and wear
  • Check and top up all necessary fluids
  • Replace the current oil with new oil
  • Replace the oil filter with a genuine OEM oil filter
  • While it’s up in the air, we also give the other key components a good hard look, like your steering, and suspension

Remember, oil is the lifeblood of your car and just like brushing your teeth and going to the dentist, regular scheduled oil changes can make a big difference to your vehicles performance, longevity and value.